Oversight Committee

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Mauritius CCM Oversight Committee

Although grant oversight is responsibility of the entire Mauritius Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), and all the members can provide oversight, it is not practical to have all CCM members conducting effective oversight. Therefore, the CCM shall establish an Oversight Committee that will be responsible for providing oversight of the implementation of Global Fund grants in Mauritius.


1. Terms of Reference

The following are the terms of reference for the Oversight Committee:

  1. Strive to have adequate and timely information during each phase of a Global Fund grant, and identify potential problematic areas that will need to be addressed by the Principal Recipient (PR), CCM, or both.
  2. Review and understand the objectives of the country’s proposal to the Global Fund and the grant agreement, including the approved work plan, budget, timeline, and any related legal implications.
  3. Develop and ensure implementation of an oversight plan of activities and tasks with a timeline.
  4. In collaboration with the Executive Committee and the Secretariat, develop and ensure implementation of an annual work plan and budget for the oversight component of CCM activities.
  5. Gather information about the progress of Global Fund grant implementation by reviewing programmatic and financial reports on implementation by the PR in relation to the grant timeline.
  6. Liaise with the Principal Recipients to understand the planned implementation process.
  7. Coordinate regular presentations by the Principal Recipients to brief the Oversight Committee on programmatic progress, particularly to highlight achievements and challenges in quarterly reports; identify bottlenecks to implementation and any other issues that need to be addressed by the CCM.
  8. Provide quarterly summary reports to the CCM based on quarterly reports and briefings with the PR; follow grant results in relation to the grant performance framework.
  9. Conduct regularly scheduled site visits to grant implementers using an oversight checklist to ensure appropriate implementation at the beneficiary level.
  10. Analyze information to identify existing or potential problems and bottlenecks.
  11. Investigate specific implementation problems through additional/emergency site visits, as necessary.
  12. Recommend options to the CCM for appropriate action to resolve problems and bottlenecks.
  13. Follow up on actions for resolving problems.
  14. Work closely with PRs on preparing documentation for Phase 2 continued funding requests and brief the CCM regarding the status of implementation and steps being taken to resolve some existing issues at that time, if any.
  15. New members of the Oversight Committee will be oriented on the committee's responsibilities and activities to ensure effective oversight of Global Fund grants.


2. Composition

  1. The CCM shall select five members for the Oversight Committee.
  2. The five members shall be from various constituencies.
  3. No particular expertise will be needed in selecting the members as members from the various constituencies have diverse experience and perspectives in reviewing implementation of the work plan, budget and timeline in the grant agreement.
  4. The Secretariat will support the Oversight Committee and identify cross cutting issues.
  5. The Oversight Committee may co-opt technical resources persons from the public or private sector for technical expertise as the need arises.


3. Eligibility

CCM members and their alternates that are not affiliated in any way with either PRs or SRs are eligible to serve on the Oversight Committee. Co-opted members may be recruited to fill specific technical needs identified on the committee.


4. Meetings

  1. The Oversight Committee shall meet at least quarterly and more regularly during the proposal development process.
  2. The Oversight Committee shall operate by simple majority vote.
  3. The quorum for meetings of the Oversight Committee shall be half plus one of its membership.
  4. Members of the Finance and/or Technical Committees will be brought in to provide assistance with oversight as needed.
  5. Recommendations by the Oversight Committee must be presented and ratified at the next CCM meeting.
  6. The detailed minutes of all Oversight Committee meetings will be shared by email with the entire CCM within one week of the meeting.